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Ayliss.com is a fashion jewelry company, based in China, all of our jewelry products are from manufactory directly. We strive to provide the high-quality jewelry products at the lowest prices. Our products are loved by customers from all over the world. “Best Quality, Lowest Price, Fastest Shipping, Best Service” is our company target.
Wholesale Beads

Everyone involved in jewelry-making, from bead store owners to the hobbyist, wants to find great quality beading supplies at super low prices, and who can blame us! Our jewelry store will help. All of our jewelry are directly from factory, we Offer a large selection of wholesale beads, we are your #1 source for wholesale beads. No other store has the wholesale beads selection that we do. Check us out today! Our web site is a directory of wholesale beads dealers who specialize in selling beads of all types to individuals in the jewelry industry. We primarily sell wholesale beads to the industry, and offer retail beads to the general public as well. please come to check our wholesale beads as well as retail beads.

Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads have been used historically for ornamental purposes, as well as for currency. For example, amber, coral, and lapis have all been used over the course of history as a form of exchange. While they can still be traded today, the more common use of gemstone beads is in the construction of jewelry.
Pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and rings can all incorporate gemstone beads. Most gemstones are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, such as round, heart-shaped, rectangular, and rondelle. When used as pendants on silver chains or in necklaces made of strings of round gemstone beads, semi-precious stones such as onyx and aquamarine are extremely versatile in terms of occasions for which they can be worn.
we offers a largest selection of gemstone beads at unbeatable price to public, retailers and wholesalers.

Discount Beads

Get discount Beads from us--we can supply many different styles of discount Beads,including discount pearl beads, discount gemstone beads,discount crystal.
Beads with Free Shipping: Glass Beads, Gemstone Beads, Wholesale Beads, discount Beads. Get FREE shipping on gemstone beads at our store.

Bead jewelry

Need bead jewelry? come to our store, you will find the handcrafted, unique bead jewelry. We supply different types of beads such as pearl beads, Pandora beads, crystal beads, jade beads, shell beads, Picasso beads, lampworking glass beads, gemstone beads etc. The beads we supply can make unique, beautiful , elegant bead jewelry.
Bead jewelry with free shipping. All bead jewelry you purchase from our store are good prices and free shipping. Want buy bead jewelry? check us out today.

Why Choose Us

Our products are direct from manufacturers, most are our own handmade. There is no middle man, no high markup, so we can provide quality items yet very competitive price. You can buy our products to resell and make good profits.

We count every dollar we spent. No high payment to CEOs, no luxuries, the money saved are passed to our customers. We have a very efficient billing and shipping system. Normally the items are sent out within 1-2 business days.

Our products images are clear, dimension is stated, no tricks or gimmicks. We take photos as real as we can, most customers feedback item as picture , some say item even nicer than picture.

Satisfaction guranteed, 30 days unconditional full refund policy.

Physical Stock

We sell what we have! Some R/C on-line shops in Hong Kong do not keep stock. What their business are just purchase-on-demand. Luckily, you will get your orders from them after one or two weeks, if stock are avaialble at the local distributors. In most cases, they will request you to change this or that. Sometimes, it even takes thousand years for you to get a reply from them. Surely this is not what you want, right?